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About Stacy

One of the nation’s leading residential real estate professionals, with more than 15 years serving the sellers and buyers of luxury properties, Stacy Gottula is recognized and admired for her extensive market knowledge, her dynamic negotiating skills, and herunparalleled service. Considered one of the top real estate agents in Los Angeles, she has been recognized in REAL Trends’ “America’s Best,” Hollywood Reporter’s “Top 25 Real Estate Agents,” and Variety’s “Showbiz Real Estate Elite.”

With her forward-thinking approach and commitment to exceeding even the highest of expectations, Stacy Gottula joined the Eklund|Gomes Team at Douglas Elliman Real Estate Beverly Hills in October 2019. In admiringFredrik Eklund and John Gomes’s reputation as one of the most important and successful teams in the country, Stacy recognized an expansive vision much like her own, pushing the boundaries of tradition to redefine the way real estate business is done.

The collaborative spirit is nothing new to Stacy Gottula. Before working solo for a number of years, shepartnered with Joyce Rey for a decade and thrives on the shared energy, camaraderie, and mutual support of a well-crafted team.Stacy’s mastery of the demanding West Los Angeles market and thorough knowledge of high-end properties has led to a string of record-breaking sales. In 2015 she listed Palazzo di Amore in Beverly Hills, at the time the United States’ most expensive home ever at a staggering $195 million dollars; Stacy currently represents the property, now listed at $129 million. Her listing and sales records also include the Le Belvedere, which Stacy sold for $50 million in 2010 (settinga price record in Bel Air), relisted in 2017, and re-sold for$56 million in 2018;the sale of Le Palais, a record for the Beverly Hills flats with a list price of $58 million; and representing Kimberly and Hugh Hefner on the $18 million sale of the prestigious Holmby Hills sister property to The Playboy Mansion. Her record-breaking sales over the years have garnered international attention in Bloomberg, CNN Money, Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, and Forbes, to name a few.

Stacy Gottula

A California native, Stacy studied at the University of California, San Francisco, before moving to Los Angeles and finding her calling in the challenging world of real estate. She became a licensed agent in 2004, achieved international awards in record time, and was soon recognized among the top agents in the nation and internationally.

The move to the Eklund|Gomes Team is a perfect fit for Gottula, who continually strives to elevate and expand her life and her career. Her passion for real estate, commitment to the community, and ability to thrive in one of the most technically and socially demanding markets in the world sets Stacy apart as both a client service professional and a collaborative team member. With her astute problem-solving and hands-on approach, Stacy is always looking for new ways to streamline the real estate experience for her clients.

Stacy Gottula credits her professional success to living a multifaceted life with a focus on balance, growth, and having fun. A free spirit, she loves spending time in nature, practices yoga and meditation, and always makes time for family, friends, and travel. She contributes to a number of charitable causes, including Food On Foot, a non-profit dedicated to providing L.A.’s poor and homeless with meals, clothing, and job assistance, and Coupla Guys and Gals Give Back, a platform connecting influencers with volunteer organizations in an effort to grow awareness and create positive change for people, animals, and the environment.