1446 Donhill Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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6 9 0 Single Family

1446 Donhill Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210


Escape from reality. When one enters the property and takes a walk across the Jerusalem stone bridge surrounded by water, they will find themselves in an awe-inspiring Modern Balinese-style 11,800 square foot home, created by Hadid Development. Consisting of imported materials from all over the world including bamboo and other exotic wood from Asian countries, doors that are as thick as trees, floor to ceiling glass, 3 separate master suites, movie theatre, wine cellar, Turkish bath, gym, and infinity pool with unobstructed view of the world. Every room in the house has immense privacy with large walk-in closets and wonderful views. Not only is every detail well-crafted but the furnishings were made custom for each space.